A Shallow Sleep in the Deep


Moonshine floods the curtain lace and bathes the room in colors of soft serenity.
Shadows of strangers wrap around a lonely bed, gripping one to a reality of paralysis as an ocean begins to flow though the window and from under the door.
Across the room and over the bed, what has traveled is cold and unforgiving to the touch. A gasp for air and a sense of hopelessness is all that is left of an internally tormented soul.

One is left to wonder if God only knows.

A shallow breath and a heart full of pity before the head is submerged. 
Eyes are cast into waters of indifference.
The mind begins to drift and suddenly, 
all is gone.

Awoken to the sounds of a siren splendor,
eyes open to the hope of a lifeless girl floating on the surface of the waves.
Moonlight pierces though her and cast shadows of doubt over the ocean floor.
Enclosed by a sea of thoughts, cluster phobia is copious and 
one begins to release their senses to what has become of their shallow conscious.
The mind is lucid and the heart is satisfied. 
Order has been found amongst waves and all is tranquil. 

A faint whisper and hopeless tear as water begins to overwhelm the body.
Lungs are filled with scent of fear and acceptance. Eyes now cast reflections of thoughts in despair and night over comes all. 

All has been revealed, all has been taken away.

I am one with all that is one with I


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