" Shall Remain Nameless "


Fayetteville, NC
United States


I am that nameless one, the one girl everyone seems to have an opinion on

Oh look, there's that one ! that slim one, I heard she was this , heard she was that

You hardly even know me to even talk. what do I do ?

Confront the rumors , or swallow my pride.

All I hear are the whispers in the halls , and the giggles in the back.

Because I'm just that girl, the one that cannot be named, that bitch , that weird girl, and the one you all want to shame

I'm not the ploy in you all's little games 

but there is so much I hear about me, that I didn't even know.

You'd rather talk amongst the crowd , than form your own verdict

but when will enough be enough 

and the funny thing is , they don't even know my name. 


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