with a shadow smile

We not safe no more
Nevermind the point that we the mother nation my people are getting killd
All hard to see the pain of our mother's crying but violent has just taken over our bodys
Long work to freedowm i guess we still have a long way to go and its really tiering
Everything its blood bullets gun shot murder .knifes going in their body's ish
Drugs makes kids this days turn in monsters without souls so they dont think before taking action they just killd someones little bby ish
I dobt that my people will ever change i wish you would have not killd and made your seld a reputation on little poor naledi its why am crying
Why do we do things to please this days
Everyone is afraid and everything is just to crazy
Heaven please open up for those who got murdered without any reason
Open up for those who did nothing but still got killed
Praying and tell the lord we wish for better days
Everyone is lost and confused my people are covered by a durk cloud
You betrer respond to all of our prayers course if you dont we soon to lose hope
Out of everything we do farther why is you still cold 'Uoh
Revill your self and remover all this drug stupid muder things
I never knew that my people are lost till i sow a woman kill like an animal
Peace it up with mt fellow Africans
Nalede we hope yoy rest in peace

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My country
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