I am a brother to the night
Standing silently among other creatures
I descend from a pack of proud and prominent warriors
Who grip firmly to the reins of their spirit
And through thick and thin
Refuse to recede or give in

To the others I am but a shadow
A humble guardian out of sight
While others shine bright with their golden manes
Or scavenge the earth like gluttonous leeches
I sit behind
Helping those in the night
Which cry out and beseeches

I’ve never been one to hold many companions
Not by choice, but of reasons unknown
Maybe some fear the black fur I have shown
Maybe they cannot see the seeds I have sown
Or maybe some cannot hear the pain in the howls I moan
All I know is that in the night I stride alone

Ever so often, I will find a pack
Conjured from misfits and species with a special lack

None like me.

Yet all too similar.

With my pack we rush through the trees
Hunting down others whom evil breeds
Not to claim or maim, but for their pain to ease
I seek not to hurt, though my body bears scars
My eye, my rib, my heart
This world does not deny.
All is fair game in this life of mine

But I carry on.

My claws did deep into the soil of the Earth
As I prod through the forest, the sun is my hearth
I am but a sad loner; a shadow in the corner

Some days I wonder if I am beast or man
But when I’m in a group

I remember.

And my true self shines


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