The power of the kings is a life of solitude

Always existing with the endless flow of eternity, utterly alone

But I haven’t done anything wrong, the world has!


So I’ll give you everything that makes me whole

A dream of a truthful, lush world expanding from my feet

Perhaps you are laughing, enjoying it

A dream of so called “friends, and family.”


But I haven’t a clue of where things like dreams and hopes reside

The closer I get, the further away they appear

No matter how far we are, in the end our dreams are endless

No matter how far the future is, in the end our destiny is inevitable.


But no matter what you are looking for, it isn’t fun if we rush to the ending

Run, riot, be foolish, and enjoy my grand tale

Walk my path even if it falls apart

Release your prideful soul and eat to your heart’s content.


Like crazy, be beautiful with your fake colors

For you will never be the real thing

For you will never be me

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