It's difficult to confide in others.

Maybe they will hear me out!
If I don't walk, talk like myself, if it
Gets out of hand, I'll leave!
Hail a taxi and just get back home,
To never find out the truth...

But black and white won't cut it, this gray
Equator that divides the two only unites them on and on.

Groaning and moaning on this lonely street
Another streak of yellow rushes by, and my chance to flee is gone.
Young, dazed, and confused with no ground beneath my feet.

Bring me home, please!
Ultimately I have to face this.
Tried so hard to avoid this day, then comes the whisper.

I am what?!

Another modern man? walking, talking, just like the others.
Maybe I want to walk both sides of the street, maybe I don't want to know.

Searching, but never looking.
Only to find the answer in front of me this whole time, right?

Continue on with your life, the voice tells me,
On and on you go, but you will never accept it.
Never accepting who you are and what you should do.
Finally getting to the end of it all hoping for an answer,
Untouched by the angels, left to find out whom you were meant to love,
Everyday asking yourself,
Did I make the right choice?


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