sex sells

Sex sells
so they say
she was a pretty girl
and people will pay
just to take a photo
and this big city will beg you to stay
and when they do
you know you’re on your way
to fame
so they say

sex sells
but there is no harm
in showing just a little more skin
shivers creep up her arm
but it’s just a photo
and she has to show charm
to be liked
no harm
so they say

sex sells
so you have to be hot
in this line of work
and they tell her it’s not
like she’s fooling around
and you really have got
what it takes
just one shot
to show you can be
really hot
so they say

sex sells
sinse that photoshoot
they took what they wanted
then gave her the boot
but to help her out
they spread word that a beaut
was willing to strip
for just any brute
who needs something sexy
for a photoshoot
so they say

sex sells
an offer she couldn’t refuse
came her way
though she really felt used
there were bills to be paid
so she can’t pick and choose
now she is an actress
at seedy venues
and gets work on the side
with the camera crews
but she could not
so they say

sex sells



This means a lot, and gives off a clear definition. Keep up the good work!


Love it. Really cool how you integrated the title after each stanza. (:

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