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7 Deadly sins

                                   7 Awful wins

7 Times a loser

                                           7 Times in a cruiser

7 Lines of red on her wrist

                                                                             7 Awful, unwanted times she was kissed

7 Days a week she has to hear

                                                                       7 Of her loved ones she held so dear 

Spew seven sultry sins out of their seven serpent smiles

                                            "It's your fault,"

"You asked for it,"

                                           "It wasn't assault,"

"You know it didn't hurt one bit,"

                                      "You should've said "Halt!","

"Sure, of course, you're a whore,"

                                             "Everyone knows you're a slut, it's basically written on your door,"

7 Times a slut

                                                    7 Times a whore

7 Times she tried to close that door

                                                                    7 Times they said she'd fail

7 Times, they were all male

                                                         7. Times. 

                                                                                 She knew they'd bail

7 Times- she had to sail

                                                                                                    7 Times; She's lost at sea 

                                 At rest her soul will finally be. 

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