The Settle for Less


Ass-backwards talking is the new trend!?

you don’t take strides anymore, only

smoke breaks and morning

headaches to explain

your absense?


you aspire to live in the tropics,

but nothing you do now will

bring to to your ivory coast when

you decide to waste youself to familar

experiened concrete and polluted oxygen.

So you hire narcotics to quench your

eyes with beaches, lights and

excuses for your darkness.

Don’t know whether from

the cigarettes or the commercialism,

or from the swear words

we found on our

parents' nightstand,

but in your own room, you overwhelm

with nostalgics you can't have back

so your toxic friends  Molly, Swigs, and

Puff obligate you to be what you're not. 

The throne you seek

can't lend you a seat until

you give up too many belligerent

trips to the toilet.

You have become too comfortable

to where your

way out of the hole is not to

Climb our way out

but digging our way down.

They call you the


and I have to disagree


with you.

Only thing that's in with you

is trouble that'll never reach paradise

because you're too busy

taking fake smile selfies



no one taught you it

is okay to stay home sometimes


no one left you your own life to live


now you feel it routine to 

settle for an endless dark night

when they'res many mornings

waiting for you


behind your curtain.

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