Setting My Reality

Allow treasured ruins to turn your treasures to ruins.

Give power to what can render you powerless.

Give your life to what takes it away,

And quicker than you can say yes, death will stay.

Shallow attractions lend to dull satisfactions,

Temporary pleasure payoffs.


Such realities do not come so blatant,

Rather they sweep in to tempt even the most discerning.

Each day judgement is swayed,

Deceptively strong ground does cave.


Setting my reality in the truth of my savior Jesus Christ,

I stand rooted in a foundation of God who is my rock.

The reason I am here, have love, and am here to love is what gives me strength.

Strength to go through storms that send rushing winds.

Winds that take hold of my ship,

And send me out into the sea,

Farther than I alone could ever fare.


Not set on the world’s treasured ruins,

My heart is fulfilled with love itself.

Not allowing my treasures to be ruined,

I am confidant in my life’s path,

Sure in my foundation.



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