To Set Them Free




When I was young

And things got tough

I’d call my mom

And she would come

She’d keep me safe and keep me warm

And hold me through my emotional storm


But that was then and this is now

And all my monsters have come back to town


Because of them I’ve lost some weight

I’ve struggled with control as of late


And now no longer do I call

 For my mom just down the hall


Instead I stay up late at night

As my monsters hold me tight


They tell me things like to stop eating

“No more apples, that’s still cheating”


But then I met someone who loved me

Told me I was as beautiful as can be


It took sometime but then I saw

My frozen heart begin to thaw


The monsters shriveled and became no more

And now I know I’ve won the war


Yet this is a war I wish on no one

Their life should be full of laughter and fun


These monsters must go

Of this I’m sure you know


No one should find relief

From being bent over a toilet seat


To set everyone free

We must give them the key

To be their own hero

Not strive for that size zero


To show them their beauty hidden inside

We must make them feel like they should no longer hide


We’ll give them the key, the key of love

And set them free just like a graceful dove


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