"Servire"- To serve.

The name is Mark and I am considered a jock

And I can sure rock a small mohawk

I'm a highschool student just waiting to move in

My plan is ECU through thick and thin

I want to study Exercise Physiology

But my mother thinks that it's just not quality

Little does she know it's a step to Physical Therapy

Then I can be her brittle body's remedy

I got inspired, seeing people with poor health

I learned to be grateful, for what I have is wealth

I want to devote my life to assisting

So you can keep on persisting

Small things go a big way

Let me take your pain away

For I have suffered pain playing my sport

A torn ligament in my calf was on my report

I can't wait to graduate and start my route

So I can pursue my dream job and branch myself out




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