The Serpent


 The Serpent

Slithering in silence with a mind vengeful and filled with the thirst of Dracula,

Painfully crawling from state to state, home to home and heart to heart,

Leaving nothing behind as it mockingly dances in the glittering clothes of fear on the headlines and broadcasting wires of the media.

If it's usual tatics ties it does not file for unemployment,

It searches for odd jobs and often finds one as  firefighter.

Putting out the flames of a heated argument by extinguishing a life.

Slithering and snatching the lives of innocent children, like our unripe fruits in Sandy Hook Elementary school.

It's venomous bite stealing the lives of our finest soliders before their deployment into the American society.

In spite of the absence of the fourth of July, we can still hear fireworks.

The hissing and splatting of innocent blood and venom in America's streets, schools and shopping malls

Out of care, America tucks her children behind her red, white and blue dress.

But the jagged, wide and windy imprint of the serpent remains in site on the dusty floor.

Why should we wait for another fruit or worst, the tree of America to fall before we come out of hidding?



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