Sepia-Tone Radiants Inhale Shooting Stars


Rambling, brambling,

Preambling and meandering

The blush rises through sunrise

Diamonds flow like UFO beams on

Shining luminescent rabbits.

Shush. Can you hear that?

The whisper of  July and the dance of

October's eyelashes falling out.

Down, down the rainbow, 

Follow the rabbit's path

As the petrichor replaces the


The windmills fall silent,

Sleeping giants in vats of ocean


Let sleeping dogs, barking,

Arise and fetch the sunrise.

Catch me if you can,

I'm late to galaxies of alone-time,

Whales flying through space, a black


Go through it to get to the real


Arise and seize the day's eyeballs,

Bling guadians and no more

sunflower seeds.

And when black and white tiles fall

from the sky,

Behead the chicken,

For really, he IS lying.

Friends come and swim the depths,

but not for me, I'd

Prefer dry land,

Cracks in the surface,

Extreme to ever increasing

Dramatic times.

Magazines, TIME empties it's

canister into me,

Pumps me full of lead and words,

He's full of holes, darling,

An enchanted sponge, with no way

to ever stop

Running from the truth.


The question remains, though: 

Was it the maid? 

Or was it the mad impressions of a

forgotten scholar, centuries ago?

The seething rage within all,

Dormant and a doormat.

Terra cotta billboards display LED

high heels.

Walk tall, talk...efficiently.

Dramaturges find it impossible

to pirouette and chacha


So, they cut it out of their systems,

Like a bird wrenched from it's forest,

never to return.

Are those who are exiled really

lesser? Or

Too good for their society?

Wandering fleas make mudhuts and

guard their jewel piles.

Do dragons actually crawl? Or hide

out in some cave?

A lifetime of uncertainty in exchange




A blood pact?

Place the division sigil on the

pedestal at midnight,

Strike when it's actually most


In your triumph,

you shall walk away

The King

Of a land so filled with pride that

Goats no longer electrically charge


A broken castle of dreams and

shattered skulls alike,

Your castle stands upon

Pillars of sand, salt

At first.

But obsidian and

Adamantium later on.


Octopus clouds blot the sun,

to forget the words of ambassadors.

Don't take words so heavily.

If the pen is mightier than the sword,

What actions, then, actually DO


Louder than words?

The words of the future carved into


No longer legible,

Cuneiform tattoos,

New levels of different.

Let go,

The boat's railing sinks,

As some girl you don't know 

complains that her back hurts.

Could you ever find it in your heart to

forge the weapons of the dead?

Let nothing stand in your way;

Glory can be yours,

For 4 easy payments of $29.95

plus tax

and half of your right kidney.

Shuffling towards glaciers to

accomodate nests of pine barrens.

Slay the devil within to find peace,

Lest his words and gaze melt the

faces of all he encounters.

Dry up the water spilt from

the heavens, and

slam down your foot no more.

Startled, gasping for breath,

Oh wait. This is perfluorocarbon.

I completely forgot.

Carrier seagulls with pouches for

mail sail across the Sun.

The mail, messages for the long-


Who, exactly, governs such shaded

and jaded



I find that the dead still creak in their


Let lying kings remain in the



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