sensory overload, panic

Sat, 11/04/2017 - 17:48 -- rioJ

Too close tooclosetooclose

 Please don’t touch me

 Oh god please don’t yell.

 Too closetooclose. TOO LOUD. Too much.

  Toomuchtooloudtoocloseplease. Make yourself non threatening. Make yourself small.Do not challenge him. Don’t make yourself a target. 

I am not a threat. Please I’m not challenging you. Please you don’t have to stand so close. You dont have to be so loud. 

Don’t make eye contact so you’re not a threat. He knows you’re not challenging him. Everythings okay. You’re safe. He’s not a threat. He’s not going to hurt you.

He might.

Breathe. Just put your hands in your pockets and breathe. You’re safe. Everythings okay. You didn’t do anything wrong. He’s not going to hurt you. You’re okay. Just breathe. –Tooclosetooclose- just breathe. Everythings okay. Really really -soloudand close and afraid.- really really everythings okay.

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