A Senior's Plea

Dear Secretary DeVos, 


School, school which I dispise

Free me from these prying eyes

These cliques and chatter stigmatize

The empty walls don't hear my cries

As I begrudgingly speak their lies.


Oh please don't burden the masses

With such pointless classes

Sure, we don't mind learning 

When the teaching deals with yearning

To reach our dream careers.


Busses roam the empty roads

Kidnapping  us from our abodes

Forcing me to carry loads - 

Books needed for my studies 

Memorizing facts, my brain muddies

Separated from my buddies

An aggravation I can't describe.


Dealing with your strict dress codes

Threatens all my expressive modes

Tedious homework assignments

Leave us to our confinements

Sleeping schedules out of their alignments 

Slipping further into fatigue. 


A number I have been labeled 

Forced to sit at the same table

Learning the government's fable 

That education is stable. 


This learning system is truly broken

So take this poem I have spoken

As a s senior's pleading token

Showing student's discontent

Please remedy the failed attempt 

To mold our intellect

Under the government's control.


This is not an accusation

I'm calling for the abdication 

And necessary compensation

For the government's corroboration

And the student's exploitation

So ban compulsory education!



Taylor Enslin 

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My community
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