Semper Fi Kind of Love


United States
39° 14' 39.966" N, 84° 31' 57.7344" W

Though distance may be an obstacle,
Loving you was never hard.
18,000 miles away,
14 hours different,
It won't mean a thing,
When I get to see you smilin' at me.

The Corps has your Loyalty,
But I have your heart.
You have mine,
That way, it shall stay.
Semper Fi.
Always faithful.
That's what you are to me.

Day by day I wait,
I wait for you to come,
To come running into my arms.
Your arms will hold me tight,
And mine to you.
Tell me how much you love me,
How much you've missed me.
Telling me we're almost done,
And you'll be in my arms forever.

When you chose your brothers over me,
I'll know you'll still come back,
And in your heart,
I'm always your number one.

The Few, The Proud,
We will always be.
You, fighting for freedom,
Me, waiting my turn.
I will always be proud of my Marine.
Semper Fi and I love you <3


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