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America is known as the land of the “free”
But are you truly free if you can’t even be
Who you are, with who you want?
“Free,” they say? That word is just a taunt.

“Free” means: able to do what you wish,
Which means two men should be able to kiss.
“Free” means: not under someone else’s control,
So why is the government stepping in to that role,
Dictating which types of love are acceptable or not,
Restricting people’s love, which for some, is all they got.

But, wait. Love is love… Right?
Why should it matter if its blacks with blacks, or blacks with whites
Man with man or woman with man
They all love each other the same, why is it so hard to understand?
Are they any less capable to love than I?
Can their hearts not even have the chance to try?
People are supposed to have the right to be who they want to be.
Gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual-they’re all still human beings.

So I think that it’s time that our country reevaluates; I think it’s time that we set things straight.
I think it’s time to do what is right; I think it’s time to end this ongoing fight.
I think it’s time that we change the way the government sees
And I think we need start by showing them the way that WE see “free.


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