Selfish Fears

Sat, 03/16/2019 - 16:23 -- careend

I was told I was too selfish

so I gave pieces of myself away

to people who didn’t give a damn

about the feelings I was trying to convey


I stuck with them through thick and thin

and gave them my flesh and my bone

only to find out that in the end

it was I who was alone


it was I who needed attention

and I who needed saving

and I had been in pain all along

unable to receive what I was craving 


the pieces I gave away never came back

but new hopes in my heart began to sprout

and I realized you couldn’t truly cherish water

if you hadn’t experienced a drought 


from that day forward, I put myself first

and overcame my fears alone

for if what they say is true, I’m selfish

then I can surely make it on my own

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