Self Worth.

Fri, 05/23/2014 - 05:53 -- Questah

What makes someone pretty?

Size 12 or size two, 

What would make me pretty to you?

Show more cleavage or even more cheek?

What is so unnatractive about me?

Because I am such a prude?

Not willing to give it up,

so that is what you call rude?

I can't understand my own self worth.

Have I been this way since my own birth.

Self hatred, self harm.

And the scars on my arms.

Do I have to strip down to whats underneath?

Do I have to join you in between these sheets?

To find myself pretty?

To find myself worthy?

I don't want to be this pretty,

If I have to be so dirty.

My self worth means more to me,

than any college guy.

I know that I'm pretty.

My momma told me why.

It's not what they see,

But what lies below.

It's not what they ask for,

but how much i will show.

I am beautiful in all ways, shapes, and form.

And I have been this way since the day I was born.

Self worth is the beauty you see in yourself,

Not by the makeup or size of your belf.



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