Wed, 12/11/2013 - 16:15 -- samwick


twisting and turning

picking and pulling

bullying the girl

who cannot see

her own beauty


i'm so sorry

those scars are ugly

and you are so beautiful

you dont deserve this

please forgive me


But how will she forgive

when she hates the person

who is her bully?


I'm so sorry

i know you hate me

i understand why you do

because i feel the same way


but you cant

fight your demons

without any help


Please understand that

you are not the enemy

it is the demons inside

that you cannot control


you are good and perfect 

with carin people in your life

who love you more than anything

and would hate to know that

youre being bullied by


because they could have helped

if only they knew

that the beautiful girl

hates herself

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