Self Identity


Over Us

It was not a just a dark shadow

It was a grim one

It held us captive with its depth

Our curiosity was both our fear and our strength

For we did not know

How could we know?

It was not purely evil, or at least did not appear so

It showed design and beauty, a dark grace

The migraines in our head shook our already uncertain resolve

We knew we must persevere however

That was in our instinct, to push on

To show ourselves the barriers so that we may break them and find our true limits

That is what pushed us onward

It was then that we realized we had been told all along

That we had set the limits

We had started the grey which drifted subtly to black

Not all of us

Not every moment

But those among us had, and as it seems, always will

Create the shadow.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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