Self Acceptance

Fri, 04/18/2014 - 20:39 -- Jcl3

Self Acceptance

A Julius C. Lightfoot III Poem

When you look into the mirror who do you see looking back at you?
Do you like who see?
Does the sight of this person confuse you because you know nothing about them?
Does looking at this person infuriate you due to the fact that they did something so wrong that you can’t find it in your heart to forgive them?
Do you say you love this person but don’t even know what really makes them happy?
Is the person you are looking at so neglected by you that you hardly take time to do things for just them big or small?
Are you ashamed of who you see?
Do you lie to them so you feel better?
Do you try to change this person so that way you can fit in with others?

Who are you?
It might sound like a simple question answered with a name, but it’s much more than that
In Fact it is everything your world is based upon keeping it intact
Don’t take what I say the wrong way now
I want you to think of the way you see yourself and if you accept who you are
Acceptance is Love
So do you really accept yourself
Or do you put on a mask and persona to be like everyone else
Inturn putting who you really are on the shelf for when you get back home in the privacy of your four walls that block the eyes of others from seeing who you really are

Shame and Embarrassment is what you shouldn’t feel when you’re around others or even alone by yourself
You are one of a kind
God made you like no one else
So start acting like it!
Voice your opinion
Step out of the cell that society put you in and mold the Iron bars of self consciousness, fear, and self criticism
Into a force of Love, Peace, and A knowing of you that sets a fire to achieve what you know in your heart God has called you to do

Leave the Ifs and Buts behind you
They are making it impossible for greatness to find you
If others don’t agree then thats okay
Live your life, walk your journey, find your way
If you like what might not be cool to the status quo
Offset that quo with what you know
Make your unique mark on the world while you still have time
Try not to get caught up in what is here today and gone tomorrow
Life is something that you can not borrow
Material possession will be forgotten
But Memories made are timeless Like the words in a song

Accept who you are
So you allow others to get close to you
Accept who you are
So you can have a love that is true
When you know everything about yourself
You can allow others to know you

Love who you are
So like a child you will be open to others
Love who you are it is indeed infectious

When you look into the mirror who do you see?
Do you accept that person?

Is it someone who you are proud to be?



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