Seize the Doldrums

There are a lot of things that have been plaguing me.

It is something that I really need insight on, especially when wisdom is abandoning.

For one, my voice cuts like glass, but breaks even easier.

Like a fire, I rage and am wild. Yet the flame can be misunderstood, mishandled, and thus snuffed out.

That’s how I feel. I am a fragile china doll in the hands of everyone else,

If I place too much trust I start to crack, fearing the fall to the ground and ultimately my demise.

What builds good kings is their ability to rule over themselves more than anyone else.

I only feel comfortable ruling over anyone else if I am majorly ruling myself.

Maybe I am a kingdom built on solace, and that’s completely and irrevocably okay.

It is fear and lonesome that will cause the downfall of this reign.

Constantly plagued with the worries of the world,

My head is a hot air balloon filled with fear.

It is a dark and toxic aroma that burns crops and opportunities.

Be yourself, and own it, is the best peace treaty I ever heard.

But I am personally sown with the worries of an old maid.

In these concerns and inhibitions, my voice is lost at sea;

A lonely miniscule island that is restlessly searching for shore.

But shore starts in the soul, and

The Ultimate Peace- the agile treasure we all seek-

Is an anchor that we are all born with,

It is whether or not we perceive it. 

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this is beautiful. I love your imagery metaphors.

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