Secrets Behind Actions


No Ma'am

I cannot stop talking,

I had to tell Sarah about my strict parents and about the cute guy I talk to now.

No Ma'am

I did not do my homework,

I had an essay, a project, and test to study for.

No Ma'am

I did not give you attitude,

I was telling the unbearable truth.

No Ma'am

I cannot put my phone away,

Teenagers are addicted to technology didn't you know that?

No Ma'am

I really do have to go to the bathroom,

I'm not making up an excuse to get out of your boring class.

No Ma'am

I'm not going to pull down my shirt,

It's just skin.

No Ma'am

You're not speaking a different language,

I just don't want to listen to you.

No Ma'am

I cannot stop daydreaming,

I have ADD and this lecture is rediculous.

No Ma'am

I did not mean any of the above,

I truly love school.


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