The Secrets With-In


Drawing deep into my feelings, of peril, joy and hopelessness.

Confusion increases each time I take a breathe and draw deeper into my wild thoughts.

I hear a heart pumpping, each pump screams for help and love. I hear it saying does anyone 

see this peril, this joy, this hopelessness ! It's not my heart pumping these things.

Who heart do I hear so clearly?!

I look down to only find that these thoughts and noises indeed, did overflow in my heart.

This whole time I was wearing a mask, not aware I was in a world that had maskerade 

parties all the time. 

Drawing deep into my feelings, of peril, joy and hopelessness...

I know realize that these thought have me bound ! I must escape this on going party

thats I wasnt even invited to, I was forcefully brought here. 

There is a way out, I just have to find it.

I Will find it ! and deminish these secrets With-In Me !


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