Secret Message: Happy List

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 21:33 -- nondi1


I magining another world,

H oping for the best,

O pen packs of candy,

P raying because I’m blessed.

E ating all the sweets,

Y elling my best friends name,

O pening a christmas gift,

U nopened sugar canes.

A lways saying what’s on my mind,

L  aying in my bed,

W ashing my mischievous cat,

A chieving my dreams that lie ahead.

Y earning for a windfall,

S itting in the grass,

F inding the person i love,

I lluminating a dark path.

N arrating a story to children,

D ancing in the night,

R eading a good book,

E armuffs warm and tight.

A cknowledge all my success,

S aving a game for later,

O verhearing juicy gossip,

N othing could be greate.

S aying what i think if that,

T alking to my friends,

O bsessing over male actors,

S miling to make amends.

M aking paper flowers,

I gnoring all the pain,

L isting all the things i like,

E ven if its insane.



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