The Secret Me


Hiding there around the corner 

Is the inner me

I'm hard to catch a glimpse of 

Till you really look and see 


I can be whatever you want 

As long as you are pleased

A natural at chameleon art 

I live just to appease


Though vulnerable is how I seem 

This, even, is a façade 

I am a master at my game 

My mask I do applaud 


Yet when I am alone at night 

My mask is put aside 

And I am forced to face myself 

With no one by my side 


The depths of me I clearly see 

Are hateful, selfish, proud 

Yet on the outside, you I show 

An innocence I vowed 


Why do I put on this charade 

To show you what I'm not? 

I guess I feel that serving God 

I'm slave to every "ought" 


I "ought" to be this and "ought" to be that 

This is what they expect 

Yet this I know, though God saved me 

I am not perfect yet 


I'm going to heaven, of this I'm sure 

But until then I'm here 

And living in a messed up world 

I can't just disappear 


So what is, then, my purpose? 

To act like all is well? 

So many tell me "Just be good!" 

So this I try to sell 


Throughout my day just doing life

Most everybody buys 

But when I am alone at night 

I must face all my lies 


Now, finally the haunting

Is too much for me to bear 

I've given up pretending 

With excuses everywhere 


Everyone, it's true 

I'm not perfect, no one is

Though I believe in doing good 

Perfection's only His 


He alone was perfect 

So I don't have to be! 

All He asks is that I trust Him 

And live life honestly 


So honestly, here I am 

I hope that you will see 

The secret me is saved by Him 

Who showed Himself to me! 


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