Seconds in the Year of a Pilot

31,536,000 seconds in a year

Tick-tick-ticking by

One by one in a perfect line

Never out of place

Ever failing or a being a disgrace

But also never risking

Never trying

Never going

Never winning

Never succeeding

Never never never DOING

The exact opposite of

My year

I've won and

Lost and succeeded

And failed, been a disgrace

But that is okay

In fact it's perfect because

My triumphs and my failures and

My experiences

Show that I've lived my year

I haven't just been a passenger

I was the pilot, in control

I wasn't on the wrong flight

I chose my flight, my destination.

This has been my year

I took flight in so many ways

I took control in big ways or

Little ways

Making my life a Free verse poem

And not a ABCB rhyme

This was my year

This was my poem

So, go now

And create your own

Free verse or a rhyme pattern

It's your choice

It's your life











This poem is about: 
Our world


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