Second Guesing

They gon love me when I blow up, kamikaze /everyone gon know about me no need for microscopes just to find me/ I don’t need all you haters to tell what just defines me /because  ya’ll remind me of all the B.S  that comes up around me /yall gon fear like Drake my rhymes are sicker Ebola /its over because I told ya cant nobody control me /because I got to mind of my own /can yall hold on for a second because right now imp in the zone/ I’m two seconds away from greatness /I’m shooting for the stars guaranteed I won’t miss / if and u doubting its unnecessary /because by February I be nothing less the legendary/ yea this is me still the same /things ain’t never change oh no things don’t ever change /I stay one-hundred  till the death of me /and I dare to let somebody get the best of me / and flaunt it because I want it/ I’m warming for these niggas these rappers wait on a sonna/ surrounded by all these clown niggas call it a circus /what’s ur purpose of running ya mouth and ya words worthless /to me well I guess because you ain’t wit me for the long run/it aint gon stop a nigga the you got the wrong one / I got my team and my fam/ they the who ones who define who  I am aint I stopping nigga

Aint no time like the present because the past is over/ I take the future from the front and put it on my shoulder/ so every time I’m looking back I’m always looking forward /I live for tommorrow's  yall can have the moments

I’m tired of topics like what u talk about I say what’s on my mind /if u don’t like it then get behind/ my main purpose in this game is not to look for dollar signs /but keep in mind my futures bright close ya eyes you might go blind/Excuse my moment of silence I’d like to take a moment to remind/ I’m the only in Baltimore that fits between the lines k-i-e-m-o-n-i is the one that they despise /but it’s okay because I was born to lose but I’m destined  to win/underground kings  can a nigga live/ because in  in the face of adversity/everybody has words for me for everything that has worth to me /and I know I’m better off niggas got it worse than me/ that’s why now of days I don’t take nothing personally /so I Ray Charles to the fake niggas/ because people turn on u quick like they change seasons/ aint no time for no second guessing I keep it moving/ I’m dedicated to music /aint nothing really change /competition is the vision but if u know me I’m on a mission to change everything that’s missing inside the game/not make any promises/ I’m a just follow this/cant nobody stop me cuz I’m anonymously/ taking every single person up out of this league /and if u not really hating then u copying me /but u can’t stop me nigga!


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