Second Chances


United States
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Riddle me this...
Why is it called a second chance
when second isn't large enough?
How many chances must be wasted before its nothing but a lost cause?
Is it truly a second chance anymore?
I know you're going to fail me
so where's the chance?
I can't begin to count the lies that you've told
and that I've let slide.
I began to question who was truly at fault.
Was I just so foolish for thinking you'd change?
We're you so convincing that I believed your words?
Or maybe I was too forgiving.
Giving you time to redeem yourself.
Yet, you're too heartless to ever change.
You screwed me over,
you screwed my friends over,
and I've had enough.
Second chances don't matter anymore.
You're never going to change who you are,
So riddle me this...
Why is it called a second chance?


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