Science Is Beautiful


Eyes crawl all over the place to have a glimpse of her,
looking at her, seeking for her hiding behind the world,
it is nothing but the smile of her, charm of her
sometimes I say to myself it's eyes of her.
but neither i am having a binocular or sitting beside her,
so it's definitely i am narrating a poem for her.
whizzy mind, all over again.
poems & the movies messed up again
attraction, affection, some type of mind alteration..
how is it even possible,
Is my vision a sense,
or is emotion like love...

Ears die to hear her voice,
between some of my words, they bear long speeches of her,
with patience and passion being in the world of her,
words like ohh, ahmmm and the long Okayyy of her,
can't tell how many times i asked for those words to be heard.
with each word of her, her lips are doing skype with me.
but she's still in far far far away land, sitting as my princess.
but her voice supports and moves along with me, 
So the memory is interfering with the reality,
Mind is drawing perfection with her words,
& the real thing I love is her voice,
decoded by ear as the Electromagnetic waves,
which are generated through her, which i heard,
Is my love to a girl?
or to a system of electric activity,
with what my brain works...



I can't go more poetry on her now,
it's all ending up on weird results somehow,
I can start with her warm touch, end up on our souls having connection,
cause I don't remember if I have ever struck to her nose, with my lips,
when my eyes were closed, 
It can be the sense Proprioception,
or our soul bonded with love.

etc etc senses now.

let's come to the beautiful point and ask
The most interesting question in science , HOW?
just think of the heights the science can go,
imagine it at its Most,
draw it into one,
You'll end up having a Machine,
machine that learns on its use,
makes another machine like it for work,
troubleshoots itself when needed,
having multiple sensors to be versatile,
generating energy on its own,
from raw material which is so naturally available in this world,
machine which makes decisions on the basis of all the surroundings,
Nd u will Think ! Think ! Think !
You'll end up having this,

A machine which can act like a human
or basically A Human !

Everything living around around can be the most advance hybrid science modal ever been,
And we are exploring inside a science modal that is been implemented inside another.
And so is world round round,
It goes all around round @@@..

huh, but as a normal guy i must say,
Science ended up having trouble upon me,
and I thought it's just the academic course I am having trouble with.
But love is a chapter i am learning since i was born
Science is all around..
No more words i have to put together,
This poem is a semi-romantic sci-fi plot,
having my copyright as it's creator.
which u will Remember!
cause, Science is Beautiful !


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