School Sucks


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United States
32° 52' 35.1552" N, 85° 15' 5.5728" W

Teachers such "know-it-alls" 

They're really not

They teach but don't show

They think but don't know

Students suffer with grades

But whos to say that's what we ace

We need to know what's coming in life

Not a bunch of history lies

We'll need math in the future they say

But when? Don't hesitate.

Cut us some slack

We're pressured and we break our backs

College degree will get you somewhere in life

It's not that simple

Why didn't they tell us that before

You may have a degree

Gee, it's that easy


Working hard is a necessity

A degree is just an accessory


They never mentiond this in high school

They made us think we can act a fool

Edjucation shouldn't be a debt sentance

It should be a job acceptance 

That's all we work towards

Why can't they teach us what's coming in life

A great man once said "They have money to fund a war, but can't feed the poor"

It's the poor who want to learn more

But it's the rich who they adore

Everyone wants to better their lives

But not when education funds don't rise

It takes money, to make money

Don't be selfish honey

Give our schools what they deserve

I can care less about the edjucational system

But I have made a commitment

I want to live a good life

I want to be a wife

I want the future to blossom

As if bees were spreading out the pollen

Our brains deserve to grow

More than we can ever know

Teach us what is needed

Not lessons that get us heated

Don't beat around the bush

Teachers say they're there for their students

Half the time, they're just being tourists

Punishments never work

All they do is make us miss our work

But hey, what can I say

This is the type of shit I can't say to my fucking teachers

They'll never listen.


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