school of hard knocks


United States
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this is an educational session, but not from school
i look at the window and see a homeless dying of hunger
i walk outside to see a child crying for love
i witness people fight that is widespread worse than AIDS
i check to see who is going to be the next victim of gun fires
i talk about politics that impact our lives, yet for some, its irrelevant
i speak about struggles, but it seems like people are ok with lowering their standards
i scream rage like a bull when i see people getting killed for something senseless
i survive the hardships in my life, and yet, it's so unappreciative
people say it takes a village to raise a kid, but we must be the village
we must unite as one and stand up for a cause
if we don't, we'll just fall for anything
this is the school of hard knocks
where we are jamming to jamrocks
but if we divide and conquer, all we doing is inject hatred to people's hearts

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I think the main message of your poem is heard in the line "we must unite as one and stand up for a cause" because we can make a big difference if we all come together for a common reason and feel passionately about making a change.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

there has to be an agenda that we can all voice out our thoughts and beliefs
thanks 4 the support
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