School for the Cool

Fri, 02/12/2016 - 02:06 -- edgah


United States

I wonder why kids don't like school

We get to hang out with friends we dont see

Having that year-end celebration at the pool

Making jokes and new friends, that's the key

Going here will stop you from being a fool

Doesn't that sound like somewhere you want to be?


But every day has a night

There are many things school gets wrong

I know this doesn't sound right

But when homework becomes lifelong

And money slowly hampers your fight

I start to lose the point-- the lyrics of the song

Somone please give me a flashlight


But dreams are hard

They are only for the passionate

So always stay on guard

Because having an accident

Is normal and how you get far

And when you become a graduate

Remember school made you a star

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