School Blues To Myself

Eyes cold as


Even when not walking the streets

The halls 

So closed off 

From the poverty we breath

Considered clean

Cuz the sheen 

Easier's to see 

Away from the hood

Nothing was good


Were props

It ends

When I  think and stop

Why tell lies to get by

Especially when you try

For deep connections

Know the shallow flow leads to extra stressing 

And you rarely learn a lesson

Cuz your too insecure to hear

Or see through fear

Of losing your years 

To tears

Water drips so quick 

Makes you quit 

While unequipped with wit

To live legit

By your own code

Home grown

In the stone cold 

Stares of those 

Who said they cared 

And that's why their anger was there

Was it ever fair

The glares 

And the snare 

Of the voice tapping on the brain

Trapping, traumatizing,

And trying

For the best 

But stuck in distress 

And leaves it unaddressed 

Cuz of the stress 

Of knowing what you carry in your chest.


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