Mon, 07/21/2014 - 18:03 -- Alharge

School is full of stress 

Which makes me depressed 

Took so many test that I am at the point of unrest. 

These days it's just about the grades  I don't retain anything. 

All colleges will ever see me as is a test grade. 

Though most humans value a person with personality and ambition 

Colleges make their decisions based on a letter rather than who I am as a person. 

why does my GPA define me ?

I am human , I laugh, I cry, I make mistakes, I change and I breath!
So why is it that my future depends on my GPA. 

All my other accomplishments might as well just wash away in the stream of my dreams of living a decent life because I don't have 4.0. GPA 

How am I suppose to get 8 hours if sleep when I am assigned 4hours of math, have to read the dictionary and have 2 hours of history.

When the sun is up I shouldn't be going to sleep. To wake up to go back and act like I can concentrate when I haven't slept in 3 days ? 

Sorry I can't spend all my time studying left and right. Some of us play sports and go to work.

Though education comes first I'm trying to make some money so that I don't end up broke. My parents can't afford to buy me everything I want. 

Is that a crime ? No 
At lest I didn't think so. 
According to colleges it is. 
Not devoting my every waking hour to studying. 
Is a sin. 

As the years pass is high school we change. 

We all do. Some way. 
So how is it fair for colleges to judge me today on the grades that they see from my freshmen year? 
I was young and wanted to have fun. Didn't understand the the homework I didn't hand in would hold me back from getting in to the college I've always wanted to attend. 
Please do not judge me on what you see on a piece of paper with my name on it. 
That isn't me. 
I'm more that what you see.
In the future
I don't deserve to wake up everyday for the rest of my life and go to a job 
That I hate because I didn't get An A in history. 
Don't compare me to the letters on a paper from years before.
For I am more. 
I won't let my GPA define me because I am so much more that a test score or a missing homework assignment. 
I am so much more than a student. 
We should not be measured by the person they were yesterday but by the people we are today.
Growing up they said be yourself and it will be ok. 
Then why is it that today I have to participate in activities I hate, fake like I'm perfect and be in more classes than I can take. Just to get a college to look my way?  

Then I have to pay just to get rejected or accepted. That's just the beginning. After that I have to go to a school I can't afford and pretend that my life is everything I have worked for.  

That's a lot of weight on our shoulders that's why students drop out before they get there diplomas

I don't have straight As 
but I will prevail anyway. I will make colleges look my way. I will continue to pave the way for the human race everyday. I will not let my GPA define me.

That's all I have to say.
You feel me ?


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