The Scholars Heartbreak

Oh brother, don’t turn away, the sister said

The future’s banging on your door

Won’t you just let it in?

And memories are sold.


I’m not changing sister, I’m seeking

I hear what you're preaching,

teaching the words of the teacher.

I can’t believe this is the end

I swam these waters for so long

I never thought I’d reach shore


You’ve got plenty reasons to go

But are you going away with no word of farewell?

Will there be not a trace left behind?


I’m sleeping on a runaway train, heading to a deep dark forest

The push and pull of your love has me speedballing.

Sanctify this withered heart of mine,

Embrace me and you’ll understand.


There ain’t no escaping, I won’t lie

You got heaven in your big bright eyes

I know that someday you’ll come back for me,

I can tell by the way you smile.


I sold what I could and packed what I couldn’t

Stopped to fill up on my way out of town

There’s nothing in the way now

Oh sister, now there’s enough room to fly

And even though, I’ve spent my whole life waiting

It’s never easy letting go,

But I’ll be back in four years.


I know, but just one more thing before you leave…

Don’t forget to remember me…


This poem is about: 
My family



A super brother sister poem with lovely sentiment expressed poetically. Worded nicely. Thumbs up. 


pleez comment/ review my newest poem too. I like reading others thoughts.

KayDee Makgae

What an awesome piece of writing.

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