Slashes all along her cheek

Make her spirit and pride weak.

She hides behind a mane of hair,

because she is afraid people will stare.


The girl is shy, her eyes are haunted.

Her gaze asking if she will ever be wanted.

She wishes she was fixed and totally healed

and for once let down her ironclad shield.


Cruel taunts and torment fill the air,

and yet, no one really seems to care.

Especially not the boy, who is whole.

But she feels his presence in her soul.


She hopes that these new feelings will end,

because unlike her heart, her scars won't mend.

The jagged cuts create a ruined face,

and that's why her mind is a sealed case.


She decides to brave a look his way,

what she has been wanting to do everyday,

And as if he sensed her eyes, he turned

and the smile she shows gets returned.


She quickly dropped her gaze and moves away,

but the memory of that moment will stay.

She believes it would warm her on the coldest day,

like a personal sun titled her way.


Because she left, she missed the lone wave.

The smile wasn't the only thing he gave.

She doesn't know the feelings in his heart,

because she contiunally hides, prying them apart.


He loves her, more than she could ever believe,

It's the forever kind, that doesn't leave.

That boy wished she would see what he could,

honestly, he wondered if she ever would.


He looks at her and sees heavenly grace,

not the lines that mar her face.

And in his mind are words unspoken,

"Why must she feel so broken?"


The boy knew that it would be very hard,

but he wanted to put her back together, shard by shard.

Once he was done, he would reach his goal,

and for once in her life, the girl would be whole.




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