Scared of my Beauty

I look at me and I see scars

I look at me and I see fright

I look at me and I see exhausten

Do I truely see 

Or am I blind

Can I really see

I thought I was ugly

I thought I was trash

I thought I was a waste

Do I truely think

Or am thoughtless

I said I was lost

I said I was confused

I said I was gone

Do I truely say

Or am silent

I'm lost for words

I'm lost for thoughts

I'm lost for sight

When you left

My world left with you

I lost my soul

But what I didn't lose 

Was my Strength

I fought hard

and I'm still fighting

So that one day 

i regain my confidence 

Believe I am beautiful

Finish College

and provide my kids

One day I will prove 

that I am flawless

Once Again


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