Scarce To Find

Rain will bring some good we hope
After what this heat has caused
Arid burning floors and walls
Hygroscopic skin and clothes
Heated heads, building malaise
Parchéd tongues and spiculed throats
Best a soul should be its home
Not a soul should wander roads

Bear in mind, still there's a threat!
Plumbings fail to hold the drains.
Overflowing pipes full-choked,
Are no good to fight off rains.
How can one ignore driveways?
Levelled with knees of a stud.
Puddles, pools, gutters, manholes,
Stain clothes and mudguards with mud.

Who would wish for either then,
Boggy clouds or scorching heat?
Neither seems appropriate,
Dewy spew or solar treat.
Summers, Winters, Autumn, Spring,
None would satisfy one's hopes.
Is there any way one might,
Be content with what he gropes?

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My community
My country
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