Say Yes

Its always been so easy
To simply tell them no
But now I'm at a turning point
I don't know where to go


Everything around me
Is screaming you're not right
But you're the only burning truth
I want to feel tonight


You're not what I've been searching for
You are not what I need
But lust is all I've lived for
You fuel my fiery greed


Oh you make my heart sick
I want, in love, to share
But when I need a shoulder
I cannot find you there


Oh my gut is wrenching
'Cause I long to see your eyes
Lose myself inside them
Believe the pretty lies


I want to fall into you
And you to rise for me
Hold me to your brazen breast
Turn my silver key


I want our sweat to mingle
Our hearts to beat no shame
*I want your lips to steal my breath
And mine to steal your name*


So far, I've gone with many
Now I toe the line
With you I'm standing closer
Than I've ever had in mind


So easy to say no
When my heart was not a mess
But with you I am tangled
And I'm longing to say yes



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