Say I love you, say it proud

Thu, 06/09/2016 - 20:57 -- YennyT

I love you.

Everyone says you have to wait for the right time to say it.

That’s more of an opinion, but here’s the fact.

I love you.

Say it as many times as possible.

Say it loudly. Yell it to the earth.


Say it quietly.

Whisper to the bees how much you love how they make trees grow and flowers blossom.

I love you.

Tell your best friend you love the way their nose wiggles when they’re sick.

I love you.

Tell your parents you love their laugh and their bravery.

I love you.

Tell your lover you love their soft skin and their sleepy voice.

I love you.

It is a phrase reserved for special times.

But remember, every time is a special time.

Go. Run. Yell. Laugh.

And say it.

Say it so much it hurts your soul.

Say it so much you hear it echoing in the air.

Say it before time runs out.

I love you.


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