Saviors Need Saving Too (Part 2)

16 years have passed, lessons learned and we're still here...

Though within those 16 years, More tragedy appeared, and I was a big sister now.

Age 11, I was struck ill by type 1 diabetes.


I dealt with bullying in school; I was the target.

My size, my hair, my grades; so dance became my escape.

My Dad made bail that year, and his dad came around too,

As they mended old wounds, Our new bonds would begin to bloom.

But everything faded to black so quickly....

September 18th, 2012, on the news; a boating incident and only one survived.

My grandpa was laid to rest September 29th.

The day before my 13th birthday.

A few weeks had passed, "I tried to save him, but he saved me"

A heart felt talk with my dad turned into my first smoke session.

The overall feeling was warm and we laughed like a maniacs. 

Our family became closer than ever before...

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