To Save the World

Sun, 04/20/2014 - 20:48 -- loba32
I dreamed of being a super hero
To have my name in the headlines every day
Reality crushed my dreams when I was just seven 
I had to accept that I was never going to wake up with super powers
I thought my future of being a hero was over
I thought wrong
After tucking my dreams of fictitious abilities away
I decided that I could still help people, the possibilities were endless
I wanted to be a veterinarian
I wanted to be a doctor
I wanted to an occupational therapist
I wanted to be a soldier
My dreams were becoming more practical
But reality came crashing down again when I was sixteen
I wasn’t passionate about these jobs
I wasn’t passionate about blood
I wasn’t passionate about weapons
I wasn’t passionate about inflicting pain regardless of its goal
I was passionate about reading
I was passionate about writing
I was passionate about learning
My desire to help other remained at the forefront of my mind
But I wanted a job I looked forward to when I got up in the morning
I wanted to write, I wanted to read, I wanted to learn
Life answered my pleas for help when I was seventeen
We were all determining our career paths
College applications were the talk of the town
My friends had already decided how they wanted to spend the rest of their lives
They wanted to be doctors, engineers, and business moguls
They all told me that I could easily join their ranks
But they were wrong
They were passionate about money and prestige
Neither of which were important to me
As they were all suggesting high profile positions
My mind honed in on the most undervalued of them all
Teaching, I wanted to be a teacher
I was passionate about helping others
I was passionate about learning 
I could definitely be passionate about teaching
As time passed, I waited for reality to crash down once more
I was waiting to have to pick the pieces of my dreams up again
Only, the wave I was awaiting never arrived
Instead, I became only more enthusiastic and more positive that I made the right decision
Especially after I realized my childhood dreams were coming to fruition
I was going to be a hero
My name wasn’t going to be in the headlines every morning
I wouldn’t become Super Girl or the Invisible Woman
Miss Armstrong wasn’t going to wear a cape to work
But I was going to save more lives
People don’t think of teachers when they think of saving lives
They think about doctors and medics
They think about police officers and firefighters
They never think about the educators 
As a teacher, I will get the chance to save a new group of lost individuals every year
Every student has problems and needs a guiding hand
Some will require more guidance than others
Some may only need someone to hear them
Others may need someone to help them through a rough time in life
But they all need a hero whether they know it or not
Thomas Jefferson saw teachers as the heroes society needed
Shakira sees the lifesaving ability teachers have and promotes their importance
Education is becoming more and more important
So teachers are becoming more and more important
Yet they do not receive adequate recognition for their everyday heroics
Not everyone was supportive or embraced my newfound life goal
They thought teaching was an inferior field of employment
They thought I was wasting my potential
They thought I could do more for society in another career
They thought wrong


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