Save Just One

We are given, only one body, to treat any way we wish.
We are given one purpose, to define, why it is we each exist;
Given such range of emotion, entangled in life's passionate kiss.
We are one shot, which cannot afford to be missed.
One chance; that should never be overlooked or dismissed
As anything less, than for what this life, truly is.

Yet- there are those of us, who would feed off of others,
Through severely persecuting, those whom we call our brothers.
Carrying on, like we don't even notice one another
Only to stand alone, at the end; for all of those, which we have made suffer.

So, tell us, what makes you more of a man-
That you can kill someone from the inside out, on command?
Tell us, we would like to hear you explain; just why you think it is you can
Take someone else away, from any loving, helping hands
While still feeling any pride in doing so, like you do?
We are all listening, to hear your most rational excuse.

Well, if I had to guess what your justification might be,
I'd think that your words would say something differently;
If only to hide, that deep inside,
You are so deeply hurting.
You would never let anyone come close enough, to see,
While reaching out- for anyone you can, without discerning,
To give you, the attention, that you truly do need-
For which, you are always so desperately, yearning.
Although, it is only too common a way to mislead
And you will deny it, oh so well, as the truth;
And so, the suffering will continue, of the youth:
Of the poor victim always being put down,
By the other poor soul, so well hiding his own frown,
Only smiling, in the creation of his own destructive crown,
Made of breaking another’s spirit; watching it crumble onto the ground.

So, when one is being hurt by one deemed as worse,
The words being used, can hold such sting;
While the other man, feels he is cursed
By the pain, which every new day brings;
Disguised in the bitter satisfaction, of making himself feel as king,
Pushing all around him, to the ground; he knows only one thing,
A growing emptiness inside, with a silence that is deafening.

And no other man will spend more time in defending,
That he is just as swiftly, coming undone.
Though no tortured soul, could see or hope-
Future days, might offer refuge, in the shining of the sun.
But hopelessly, they just might give up and let go-
Of the only gift of life, they can ever know;
And that it is only, just one.

And if the broken, will reach out, to strike another down to his level,
We would be so quick, to name him as the Devil;
Without searching deeper, into his darkest depths,
Where the soul is often only drenched,
In its own bitterness, misery, and despair;
Craving for someone, for anyone at all, to care.
He will take anyone down with him, because he is so scared,
And violently thrash and throw away, any sense of care;
And he will only lash out, to hurt anyone who dares,
To reflect that- what's inside of him is truly, what is there;
It is a mind shaking truth, for which, one could never be prepared-
And so, no innocent mind, shall ever be spared,
From the anger, of the troubles shaping our youth-
And although, we'd like to see them run,
So far away, where their pain had never been a truth;
The damage has already been done.


While one man demolishes another, the pain will spread, just as equally
And though, both are tormented by their own negative views-
One may end up crushing the other, just as completely;
And it just may end, with one taking his life, to end the abuse;
So that he may end up, just another story on the news,
Where people say the right things, as if on cue,
Like, “There was nothing we could do.
No one could have ever seen,
Just how broken he could be,
And I guess that is the road he decided to choose.”
While, in all honesty, they might have only looked the other way.
When he had only, truly wanted, to be saved
From the fear he was forever alone, in his pain;
So he took the only life that he ever knew,
And threw it all away,
Because his cries out for help, were only in vain.

So now, the task lies only up to me and to you,
To give those empty and broken a reason, to search for the sun;
Because, they're so lost in the dark hues
Of all the black and the blue,
They have not even the slightest clue-
That this life we get, is worth so much more, when we love.
So show someone else the light of love, that can save,
Their road, once eclipsed in darkness,
Could transform, into a magnificent, brand new, day,
Show those who are lost, you are still there, illuminating the way,
Even if it only escapes, as just one single ray-
It may be the only glimpse of hope they need, to wake up one more day.

Creating a monster of the man, formed from hate-
They do not have to be lost to this fate.
Rise with me now, until we are high up above,
Hand in hand, we will erase the true enemy we face,
Only armed with our compassion and love.
Through the darkest, empty place
We can still shine on, to light their way;

And just maybe,
We can save,
Just one.


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