Save and Submit

There's a ring in the air

A whoosh of the wind breeze taking you away from your computer's' ting ting

and a reminder bell in my brain clanking

"finish me Serafina"



you fail

because failings lame, Serafina

and it's the last quiz of the year.

Press save and submit

Furthermore stop thinking about how many ears would be useful to buy from a cashier

because you are finally earning

the chance of a lifetime to not fail.

you know you cheated.

you got that A, so let's get busy.

Which you would --

All the while the loudest bird's chest bursting with sound fleeting with the new possibilities of

your homecitytown that you haven't explored yet.

To step outside,

And realize that you have much to do.

That you either go with crew or quit --

Quite an ugly word avoided by most of your life,

 but something you will do in about three months.

Then disappoint those around you thinking that you missed that chance of a lifetime

but you didn't they just don't understand your brain.

That need,

for hard work and that you're in your primetime and you drive for that challenge,

Most times for that hope.

Save and submit

What’s done is done.

Am you mad?

Are they mad?


That ring in the air,

Two months away from a next round of school and rain pours from the humidity.

Where you almost hear the streetlights' hues warm flavors sizzle with

overwhelming optimism and you sigh realizing;

-The Moment-

That moment when you get into the house,

your parents will argue the same argument about that same topic about,

"why aren't you home yet Serafina"

so you laugh in defiance and hope and optimism

 you feel great.

To come home


with your brother by your side

unknowingly optimistic about

what's around the corner

in your high.

Save and submit


There's a ring in the air.

Higher than the clouds and presumed airplane sounds,

Vaboom --

whoosh goes the clouds in the dust of the stars called oxygen makes new pathways.

Like your new friends that will topple you with support.

Vaboom -- you realize what you've needed in your life

Vaboom -- it has always been imbedded in you, you just had to search for it.

Vaboom -- you see save and submit those memories you will need them as evidence;

alongside with the sizzle of desire of understanding and excitement that

over these next months you will find something that's always been in you.

Or find the importance.

Or find the love of.

Or find the eccentric flavor.

Or find the expression needed. 

Or your expression.

That in its importance/inspired by my love of/with its inviting eccentric flavor,

you will grasp what is needed in you for your life.

All the while your best friend does the opposite,

they would be

understanding what it's like to cut their limb and hold onto it.

“Onto” would be interpreted as “you” considering your a raft and

instead of floating

you will be confined by the air that you would need for existence.

But it’s the only thing they would ever know.

Breathing their negativity they don’t know possesses their lungs.

Don’t blame them.

But blame them.

But don’t.

Validity turning you serious.

Save and submit

After these few months away from the next round of school,

you would become aware of aspects of maturing.

Save and submit

You would become the dragon slaying the knight and in your fright you would slice off the leg or head of

that best friend

and it’s not their fault that they're in this predicament.

Because in your delight of new friends and opportunities

you in turn muddle theirs.

Save and submit

But that's not even true either

Finding what’s true


Save and submit

Searching with that ring in the air

Becoming the magnifying glass of denial that their choices are their own and

you open the floodgates to their emotional foist.

In turn listen to your heartbeat not belonging to you

because if it was your heartbeat,

you would understand what belongs inside it.

What should be welcomed into your ba-bea-t-ba-beat chest

without rest of

questioning regarding the

Slight tremor

Slight inconsistencies

Maybe due to the fact that while you're realizing your heartbeat,

it decided that you haven’t been listening

so it

Tries to become noticeable

Louder at times

Softer at others

And now that you want to have a full blown conversation everyday “how are yous”.



Use the ceaseless ringing; 

Of the opportunities,

hope -- 

Save and submit

wonder -- 

Save and submit

the routine finding of oneself --

{which. Let’s be honest, you’re the best at hide and go seek; so that takes a bit. And that goes into the fact that you act so confident which ends up not being a lie because you are until you truly think about some aspects of con-fid-ence the feeling or belief that one can rely on something thus makes it a lie}

Save and submit.



Gladness that

maybe we’ve-learned-from-this- But-probably-not-so-let’s-try-it-again experiences

Other adjectives that spell out L-I-F-E.

Saving yourself

And those who drowned in their fears.

Saving your art

And what lessons could’ve been lost if you haven’t just been excited to step outside.

Saving and

Submitting to your heartbeat to learn about what’s truly inside,

Or aspects of

That hope/wonder/sadness/understanding/learningexperiances.

Submitting to others

And learning about the whys and actions thereafter.

Understanding why that even occurred

Because its not just about saving and submitting,

Its about googling the answers


thats how its so easy to cheat.

Its about getting that A -- 

which is a entirely different story altogether -- 

but as that ring brings wonder and excitement into your chest

you have to make sure that you pass the test which,

preparing you for the happenings in the next two months

And months after that

That Moment

when you will learn from me

As I do you.


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