Explosions are everywhere

Crash, the earth shakes

The flood gates open

And chaos breaks

All you can do is watch with wide eyes

As your life crumbles before your teary eyes

Either it’s your parents who fight every night

The sounds of thunder is your dad’s voice from across the house

The sounds of rain is your mother’s tears

The sound of silence is death

The child's conscious mind watching its life waste away in pain

Perhaps the storm is over

But you are split in half between to sides of your home

To be a home is to be a unit

To have two homes is to have two units

Causing you to give half to the other leaving both sides unsatisfied

And you give it all you have

But you give so much to satisfy  

Only to figure out that they won’t even be there someday

That you will have to leave someday  

That you don’t have enough left to love someone

To be someone’s home

To create your own unit

So when they pass away and they were never satisfied

And you are sucked dry and tired

It was all in vain

But always remember that I was here to help you

I gave you all i had so that i could help refill the satisfaction that you kept giving away

Sucking me dry and making me tired

You never noticed that i was here to help you make a home

To make a unit

But you never saw that home

You never saw the love i gave you

You never saw that i was empty

You took me for granted

And the worst thing of all is that you had to learn by having your supplier leave you

Not knowing i was your only supplier

You didn’t notice

You didn’t protect me

And my worst fear of all

Is that you never wanted to take me for granted

And that i left you in the dark


This poem is about: 
Our world


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