I enjoy the beautiful trees swaying in the breeze.

The colorful petals that decorate the green leaves.

Can you hear the soft hums of the trees?

They sing nurseries to me and no, they're not bees.


The shining blue sea is so very peaceful 

It possesses both life and wonder at an equal

Did you see the pink moth rise from the waves?

Feeding time has begun and clouds are what it craves.


Hugging my pet husky brings such comfort to me.

His fur is so smooth and plush to the very tee.

However, I do despise his love filled kisses.

With every lick I felt hot blades that I no longer miss.


In my life I so long for the normality

Pain is so real when experiencing life differently 

To enjoy simple things that others take for granted 

I long for my sanity for I cannot truly live without it!


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