Sands of Time

Disbelieving darkness and frightening final sounds 

Relief that the eternal moment may never be found 

Mortality’s grip from which we all shelter and hide

uncomfortable as it grows to be below gathering tides

The shower of benevolence strengthens each wave 

The ambiguous, gracious cleansing inevitably saves 

But the with each moment is one coming to an end

Fearing the moment of death as justly as you pretend 

You long for it endlessly as if it’s the final answer

To the question you have no business asking in anger

Quit your pining and drown in that lively becoming kindness 

You have no purpose washed up on the beach lifeless 

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Our world
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Jan Wienen

Love it ... so unique

Rachel Beaudoin

First poem on here after joining I felt worth reading. Glad I did, you have the same type of syntax when writing poetry as myself I think. And, although everyone interprets differently, especially poetry-hence the beauty in the art-that I can relate, or at least relate it to my life experiences. Thank you, great read!

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